Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, Theodore!

Dear Theodore,

I am sorry that I haven't written in a while but I was finishing up the school semester, then getting ready for Christmas. Well, now it's New Years Eve and things are beginning to slow down... or not but anyways. Christmas was really nice!!! On Christmas Eve we kept up the tradition and we went out to dinner. (Jacinta and I vlog-ed about it here.)

It's rather funny that we did this video but it's pretty amusing as well. We actually just started our own channel, and this is the first vlog. We're working on our second vlog but it'll most likely take some time before we get it up. I'll post it once we do! 
Well, Christmas came bright and early! Well maybe not but we went to 9am Mass and dressed all nicely! Afterwards we came home opened presents and then Gus and I began preparing for dinner. We missed you. :( We enjoy ourselves and all, but we really do miss your presence. Guess nothing'll ever be the same again. But that's life and we must learn to cope with it. Our next vlog is on Christmas so I shan't spoil it. 
Yesterday was Nathaniel's birthday. . . let's say that it'll be a birthday to remember! Wow! It was rather hectic and stressful, not Nathaniel's fault. . . or anyones in matter-of-fact. It was just life. That morning mom and Nathaniel took Marc to the hospital because they were concerned that he may need his appendix removed. Only problem was that Nathaniel had already invited friends over for the day. . . they still came and Marc still had his appendix removed. And I pulled off the party somehow. I am not actually sure how I managed to accomplish it but I did. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves and we still celebrated Nathaniel's birthday and made him feel special! Guess it was a great way for him to say good-bye to the teen years and hello to adulthood and it's trials. 
Now it's tonight. New Years Eve. Before we know it, it'll be a new year. It's strange to think that the new year has come upon us. . . Time sure flies fast! I have so many hopes, dreams, and plans for the future and new year. I have a strong desire to help people. Work in a mission or something, now I'm not saying forever but just in my young adult years. As I've learned from your passing, nothing in life is guaranteed, and I do not wish to take anything for granted. I know that in a blink of an eye everything I have could be gone. Well not everything thing, fore I'll always have you and God. But earthly possessions, and even my life, can be taken away. My childhood is gone and I am entering into adulthood. I do not wish to waste my youthful years on being selfcentered and worthless. I want to leave something behind me when I die. Not fame and power, but something that'll mean something in the next life. Something that will be remembered in the hearts and memories of those that care. Something that brings smiles to people's faces and tears of joy to their eyes. I want to be giving. I have been blessed with so much and I want others to share in what I have been blessed with. I do not know how I am going to go about doing that though. . . and where will I do it? It's all rather confusing and stressful. To be honest, it scares me that I will turn 18 and still not know what God wants me to do with my life. That I will never do anything that helps others out in some way, scares me. Now I know that I can always help people out spiritually, and by no doubt I will do that, but I want to do something more. Something physical. Something that'll help people to live happier and healthier in this world. Something that really changes the world for the better. . . maybe not the whole world, but at least a large portion of it!  

Well, I am going to say good-bye now and hopefully get some rest before I have to get up for 9am Mass tomorrow. I love you, brother! I still can't believe that I am welcoming another year without you. Another year that I will have to face alone. Another year that I will have to accept your absence and move on. It's quite easy to write that down on paper, but actually living it. . . well that's a whole other story. 

Please remember us! I must admit that I don't always think of you or even remember you, but I know that you won't ever forget the family that loved you so dearly! The family that raised you and cared for you while you lived! And the family that so painfully laid you in your final resting place. 

Here's a song for thought: Because music brings life to the soul! (I actually read that somewhere, but I can't remember!) I think it's a rather fitting song. "You Raise Me Up" - Josh Groban. If you haven't caught-on yet, he's my favorite artist! His music is very meaningful and I find that I can relate to the lyrics of his songs. Enough of my rabbling and enjoy!

Happy New Year to my big brother in heaven!

Love your little sis,