Monday, November 25, 2013

The Best Brother. . . EVER!!!

Dear Theodore,

Today would have been your twenty-first birthday!!! You would have brought us your list of the gifts that you would have wished for!!! Shown it to us and remind us "birthday. Toy airplane"!!! We would listen to you, but casually respond "ok". We would have eaten the food that we thought was your favorite then have made chocolate cream pie for dessert. It would have been a wonderful day!!! Full of joy, laughter, and singing!!!

Going through some old pictures I came across a couple of you as a baby. This was before I came into the picture!!! But, just look at you!!! You're so cute and adorable!!! How could one resist your cuteness?!?

 This, I believe, is your Baptism. You look like a little angel!!! Which you are!!!

And here you are at your First Communion. Such a perfect boy you were, and to have Jesus in you!!! Such a divinely perfect moment for you!!! And that smile is just TOO CUTE!!!!

You really were special!!! Although you couldn't play the Piano, your great love for it has kept me wanting to keep up Piano. It really is a beautiful instrument and I'm sure you are playing it now up in heaven!!!

Oh, I remember this time!!! Our cousins had come down for a couple weeks and we had taken them to some awesome sites in Dallas and Fort worth!!! We don't have many pictures of you from then, but here you are in the Reunion Tower!!! If I recall correctly it wasn't your favorite spot, but hey we got a pretty cute picture of you, so win-win for us!!!

Then once we had returned home. This was a first and rather memorable picture. You never gave us hugs, except here. Here you put your arms around Max and squeezed him. Mom saw and right away grab the camera so we could cherish this moment forever.

Then here are us kiddos holding are pets. Two dogs, two rabbits, and two cats!!! Don't remember why exactly we took the picture, but it's just another one that we will have!!! Oh, but look at us!!! So young, little and cute!!!

Here we are with Fr. D.!!! We had gone out for breakfast that morning after he celebrated Mass for us!!! I know that Cornelius isn't looking in this one, but how Dom has his arm around you, really shows the love you two shared for each other. I don't think there was a stronger bond than that which was shared between you two brothers.

Haha!!! Just look at us!!! I don't think we really were doing it legitimately but hey, we had fun!!! Great company and great face-paint, lol!!! Oh good times!!!

These two are just family pictures we have, obviously from Easter, out at our parish. It's interesting to see how much we had grown from this picture:

To this one:

Awww!!! We look so nice all dressed up and fancy!!! Though I have a feeling we didn't really want to do it. . . But it's a nice picture!!! And it's rather humorous to try and figure out what exactly you're doing in the second one!!! 

And here are two "specials" of just you. They are some of the last pictures we have of you. 

Such a beautiful face!!! 

September 2007 - this was Bernadette's birthday!!!

Wow. That's really all I can say. Today we plan on visiting your grave, eat one of your favorite foods (we haven't officially decided what it will be!!!), then have chocolate cream pie. It will be nice. But something very important is missing. That is YOU. We reminisce over the fifteen years that we had you. But we wanted more. It wasn't supposed to happen the way it did. You're supposed to be here celebrating your birthday with us. How can we really celebrate the birthday without the birthday boy??? How can we live knowing that someone very important in our lives and family is gone??? Gone forever???

It hurts to think of all the years unspent, words unspoken, and memories lost. I miss you tremendously. But now is not a time to regret, but a time to be joyful!!! A time to remember and cherish all the years and memories I shared with you. There is not enough years in my life for me to waste it depressed over the time that I will never have with you. I know that you are dead, but somehow you're still here. You're still present in my heart and I think of you often. I cry at times and get angry and upset, but I'm beginning to understand that the time you died was the perfect time. God had a reason for doing it and I know that I will always miss you and want you to be here, but I also know that it was done for the best. And you must pray that someday I can fully understand it. That someday I can think of you without having an angry feeling come into my heart.

Someday I know that we will all be together and I know that it'll be a joyous time but for now you have to keep us all in your prayers. The journey and years will probably be long and rough and we'll need your help. When we forget to call upon you for help, you must never forget to help us. It's part of our fallen nature that will lead us to forget just how helpful you can be to us up there in heaven with God, but you're there and you're perfect.

Here is a song that I fell in love with after you died. It really is how I feel about you!!! Enjoy!!!

Don't forget me, no matter what!!! I love you and thank God for giving me a brother as wonderful as you!!! You truly are the best brother. . . EVER!!!

Love from your little sister,