Tuesday, October 15, 2013

State Fair Of Texas!!!

Another great and memorable event that I went on with three of my amazing siblings!!! Though I have heard about and wished to attend the State Fair I haven't been able to until this year!!! It was awesome!!! We walked around, tried some epically good fried foods, and went to the car show!!! Hands down, the car show was the best part!!! Well here are some pictures!!! Enjoy!!!

Big Tex

Siblings!!! <3


It's Texas, what can I say?!?

So cute!!!

Checking out the cars!!!

Sisters!!! <3


Look at it?!? It's so cute and purple and little!!!

"Where's my chauffeur?!?"
The "Bumble-Bee" Car!!!

<3 My future epic truck!!! <3

Don't we look a like??? Sister selfie!!! <3

Never can go wrong with a John Deere!!!

She found herself a John Deere!!!

This one's mine!!!

Loved it so much didn't want to leave!!!

This ones for 'just in case' it rains!!! 

Well, it was blast, what more can I say?!? It was a great experience that I shall defiantly wish to repeat!!! Perfect weather, sights, and company!!! So yeah, don't be surprised if you see more pictures on here from the State Fair in the future!!! ;)