Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School Is In Full Gear!!!

All right, so we are finishing up our second week of school. Awesomeness, right?!? Lol!!! Well, tomorrow we have our second day of co-op!!! Co-op is pretty fun!!! Get to do quizes, tests and, of course, hang-out with friends!!! This year I'm doing epic subjects!!! . . . NOT!!! Chemistry, Medieval History and Literature, Geometry, Piano, and a Design and Publishing class - which next semester I shall be on the year book staff!!! Really exciting!!! I'm actually happy for this year. See where it takes me and what things I accomplish!!! Well, I am currently baking cookies for Bernard, (I know! Up this late at night! Shocking!). But I will hopefully post more later. Tomorrow I'll be at co-op all day then we're going to Sam's Pizza! So delicious! Well, God bless and TTYL!!!


P.S. I love this song! Such an incredible band and song! Little Big Town ROCKS!!!