Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet 16

First let me apologize. This is two months late, but I still thought I should post about my birthday. Okay, June 13 I turned 16!!! Awesome right?!? Well, my birthday was on a Thursday and since my older sister could not make it on my birthday we went bowling the Tuesday before with her and her roommate. It was awesome!!! Except for the fact that I lost. . .  But I've never been known for my bowling skills, just ask my brothers. . . lol!!! Well here was my actual birthday. I had Gus grill chicken. And let me explain: He grills the best chicken EVER!!! It was so good!!! YUMMY!!! Well, then Mom and I made pasta and homemade strawberry trifle!!! It was delicious!!! Then we went swimming! And my aunt came over and we had a blast! Here are pictures. . .

Cards 'n' Money - what more does a teenager want?

Those were my exact thoughts when I opened my gift from Mom and found this:

 PURPLE SOFT BLANKET!!! My favorite color!!! And a soft blankie!!!

 Bernard looking interested in my gift from Dad. . .

(Bad picture but 56oz of M&M's!!!)

 Jacinta selfie. This was only one of many. . . ;)

Sorry about the late post but dang, I had a birthday to remember!!! It was awesome!!!