Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Starts . . . TODAY!!!

Okay, so today we get assignments for our co-op. So you may think it's strange that we're getting assignments on a Thursday but our co-op meets every Thursday. Well, this year I'm going to be a Junior!!! Oh year!!! Two years out!!! I have mixed feelings about the whole situation. . . It's exciting, and kinda terrifying, that I'm closer to moving out and beginning life on my own. I have big dreams and want to do a lot in my life. (like I wrote in an early post.) I like to plan ahead and know exactly what I will do once I graduate. I want to graduate with a solid plan. Though I hear that's kind of unheard of. . . but I'll do it! So I have ideas and dreams but it all comes down to which one. How will I know which one I should do? Which one do I want to do more? Or first? Or how do I go about doing one? ARGH!!! It stresses me out that I can't just settle on one thing. Why do I have the feeling that I have to accomplish lots of things in my life? If I only wanted to do/be one thing then my life would be more simple. BUT then I'd miss the excitement of having hundreds of dreams and the time spent in figuring out how I could accomplish them all. But for now I am just going to focus on surviving another year of high-school. I shall look into missionary work and begin SAT prep. It's gonna be quite an interesting year. . . Well, here's to another year of school!!! . . . LET'S GO JUNIORS!!!

P.S. In advanced I'd like to apologize. Since this year is going to be another bustling year with school, work, and everything else I do, I will not be posting much. I'll try and post whenever a 'big' event comes up. . . (i.e. siblings birthdays, Thanksgiving, etc.) You get the idea. But I won't post every month and defiantly not every week. Good-bye for now!!!

Gena D.