Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pro Life Update

Sorry for getting back to y'all so late on the Pro Life bill we watched down in Austin when it went through the House. Well, that was a pretty crazy week. We left July 8 to watch HB2 then we returned home on July 11. We had the intention of going back down to watch it in the Senate but were unsure as to when the bill was going to take place. Thursday morning we received a call from the Pro-Life committee in Dallas saying the hearing of HB2 in the Senate would take place Friday, July 13. So in just a couple hours we repacked the car and around 9:00pm headed back to Austin for SB2. This was a whole new experience. If we thought the riots for HB2 were bad, we had no idea what SB2 rioters would do. It was out of control! As one individual put it: "All hell broke loose!" It was a VERY accurate description. It was chaotic and was rather . . . scary. The noise of the protestors was too much for my younger brother to bear so I walked with him outside the Capitol. I had watched the debate on HB2 while my Mom had watched Bernard, so for SB2 I thought it'd be nice if she could watch the debate on SB2. Since I was outside while SB2 was in session, I did not feel the tension that my younger siblings and mother felt when they came outside and were panicking for us to leave. We left the Capitol around 11:00pm and headed back to our hotel, which thankfully was over 7miles away. Once we had gotten ourselves in the hotel room we turned on the TV and saw the end of SB2. Praise God! It's times like this that make me proud of being a Texan! SB2 passed and went to Governor Perry's desk. It was a great relief and an answer to so many people's prayers! It was defiantly a time to rejoice! We were rather too excited to sleep that night as you could imagine! But we had made plans to meet up with some friends the next day for lunch, so we kinda had to sleep. And besides it was a rather long, hot day and we were heading back home the next afternoon.

Here are pictures of our little outing to a little Mexican restaurant!!!
 Group shot! Except my Mom took the picture.

 Having fun!

 Me and their adorable baby!

 We attempted a picture with their family but their baby only wanted me!
Considering that I love babies I was just fine with her wishing for me to hold her!
She was so adorable! As you can see in the pictures!

In all, it was a very educational trip for us to take. It was wonderful for us to go and stand for what we believe in. And besides each trip we saw old friends from San Antonio! So it was a very wonderful time!