Thursday, August 8, 2013

Plans For The Future

In just one week I shall begin my Junior year of High School. Though I have two more years left, I feel like the time will pass by very quickly and I want to be on top of things. I want to know exactly what I am going to do after I graduate. As of now I’ve been looking at different schools that I could possibly attend. My biggest problem is: MONEY. I am a 16 year old girl who has very little to her, so paying for college is almost impossible. Or should I say: IS IMPOSSIBLE. So, another suggestion is going to community college for my first two years then transferring to another school, I getting a degree in Literature. So that sounds like a solid plan, right? Well, it’s much more complicated than that. Here are some reasons: What college? Finical plan? How would a degree in Literature support me for the rest of my life? Should I even go to college in the first place? It’s all so confusing. I want to do something with my life. 
If you thought that was bad enough well guess what? I’ve been looking in to going to Cosmetology school. I know some people I can talk to about attending Cosmetology school and they would recommend me to good schools, then to local “high-end” salons for a job. The up-side to Cosmetology is that it takes about a year of schooling before you can begin working at a salon then work your way up. 
So, I have two hopes/dreams that I want to do. To try and do both I’ve thought of after graduating I could attend Cosmetology school for a year then while I could go to college while working at a salon so I could pay off college. My biggest hope is to have NO DEBT. It’s a hard thing to do, as many people constantly inform me. But my logic is if I don’t have the money to do it then I simply can’t do it. So that’s why I’m debating any kind of schooling. 
All right, so I have another plan. Missionary. I have always dreamed of making people happy. Bringing a smile to someone’s face or making them feel loved and wanted just brings me great joy and happiness. So that is why I have begun to look in to Missionary work. There are different Ministries around here that I could begin to volunteer at. Just start out as a volunteer, then become more involved and maybe begin to run things. I love being a leader. When it comes to following, I’m not too good at that… so being a leader would work better for me. Now helping out at a ministry I wouldn’t have to make it a life long commitment, and that is one thing I am happy about. I could volunteer there while I am still in high-school, and still if I planned to go to college or cosmetology school. 
I have different "solid" plans for the future, now it depends on which one I choose. But how do I go about choosing one? Well, that is my biggest issue. I am a Catholic and want to do what God calls me to do. But when will I know what His plan for me is? How long will it take before I know? What do I do in the meantime? My parents tell me constantly to have patience. When the time is right I will know what I’m supposed to do. But I have a problem with being patient. I work on it but I still fall at times. I just want to know what am I supposed to do with my life. I want to know. What does the future hold for me? What am I going to do with the talents and gifts God has given me? Will I use them wisely? Will I have the courage to do whatever He calls me to? 
So, for now I sit here writing about my future. I guess if you think of it I’m no different than anyone else. I’m sure there are many young adults out there who feel the same way as me. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to make a difference in this world. I guess it all comes down to if we are willing to take “a leap” into the world. If we are built on a strong foundation that can with stand anything. And if we have an open heart and ears to listen to those who are older and wiser than us. I guess that my many questions will really only be answered through my mistakes and also as I grow and mature into a young woman that my family and friends, but most especially God, are proud of!!!