Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pro Life

This past Monday some of us went down to Austin to be witnesses of the HB2. We attended the rally in front of the Capitol on Monday at 7pm. Here are some pictures:

Then, on Tuesday we went inside the Capitol to witness the debate on HB2.

Here we are in the center of the Capitol.

View of the House of Representative from the visitor gallery. 

Although we didn't arrive at the visitor gallery until after the debate began, we stayed till it finished. At first it was confusing on what was happening and which side we were supporting but I quickly figured it out and was pleased to realize that everything was going in our favor. The amendments that they attempted to past thankfully were declined and HB2 went to the Senate "amendment free"!!! Now our prayers are focused on the Senate. Hopefully, HB2 will go through the Senate "amendment free" and be on Governor Perry's desk next week ready for signing!!! God is on our side and we shall win!!!