Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Whole Decade!!!

That's another awesome thing about being in a large family, you celebrate a birthday almost every month!!! Today we celebrate the birthday of my little brother who is 10!!! Max, or has he constantly asks us to call him, Mr. X, has reached his first decade!!! He is such a joy and blessing for our family!!! He's love for reading and learning about history, allows us all to have a little pop-quiz everyday!!! For he is constantly asking new questions about something that happened in the past!!! I usually don't know the answer, so I am always learning something new from my little brother who's about 5years younger than me!!! He always has a sweet smile (like that in the picture!!!) that warms our hearts!!! He can be found sitting in his bed with books surrounding him. Also, anything Military related is his favorite!!!

I still remember when we went to see him for the first time at the hospital. It was the greatest thing ever!!! I was so excited because I was able to hold him with no help and while standing!!! His sweet temper from when he was a baby has stayed to even now, and I'm sure it shall continue to grow as the years past!!!

So Mr. X, I hope you know how much you bring happiness to our lives with your presence!!! I pray that you may live to reach many, many more decades, this is only the first!!! May God bless you today and always!!! I love you little bro!!!

Love your big sister,
Genevieve Donahue