Sunday, November 11, 2012

San Antonio Trip

Howdy!!! I am originally from San Antonio!!! I was actually born there, believe it or not!!! While, for our fall break Dad took us down for a couple day visit. We left after school on Thursday and returned on the following Tuesday. Here are some pictures from my hometown...

SAN ANTONIO!!!!!!! <3 U 4EVER!!!!!

~ San Antonio Zoo ~

~ San Antonio's Five Missions ~  

~ Tower of The Americas ~

~ Our walk around San Antonio & River Walk ~

The only group picture!!!!

~ The two houses we lived in!!! Brought back memories... so SWEET!!! ~ 

~ Bandera, Texas ~

~ Adorable Bernard enjoying the Train!!! ~

Just a few of the sites that attract us back to our hometown!!! The trip was amazing and brought back many, many memories!!! I often wish to move back... but who knows. I can honestly say that once we arrived home, there was just a relief and rather a calm feeling. And as always...
There's no place like home!!!!