Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yeah, so I haven't posted in the past several months, so a lot has happened! 

First: OUR POOL IS FINISHED!!!! Well, it actually finished on July 30, at 11:30pm!!!! My brother kept it straight!!!! It was so amazing!!!! The man told us that we could jump in the second all the plaster was wet, so the second it was finished we JUMPED IN!!!! It was Ben, Jacinta and myself!!!! It was AWESOME!!!! I will never forget the excitement I felt, of after 9+ years we finally had our pool!!!!! We have swam in it ever since!!!! It is the coolest thing ever!!!! Thank you Dad for giving us such an AMAZING gift!!!!

Secondly: There were MANY, while only 4, but still we had BIRTHDAYS!!!!! FUN!!!! 1 in August and 3 in September!!!!! Also, July 1st, Mom and Dad celebrated their 23rd Wedding Anniversary!!!! They went out for a nice lunch/dinner at a very nice restaurant, while I babysat the little kids!!!! It was so cool!!!!!

Thirdly: School is back on the road. It has actually been on for about 9+ weeks. I know, right??? It's awful??? I totally agree! Well, I'm a sophomore, so I only have... yep... 2 years left... I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad... it's a pretty complicated decision whether or not I should have a party or not, well. I've been thinking a lot about what I wish to do after HS... and I (think) I have come to the conclusion, I'm going to go in to cosmetics!!!! NO COLLEGE FOR ME!!!! I don't see why everyone makes it seem like you have to go to college. I don't think so. If you feel like that's what God wants you to do, and you want to, then do it. But if you are like me, don't do it!!! College was not made for everyone, only for those who believe it is for them. We all don't have to!!! Cosmetic is for ME!!!! Cosmetology is about a year long course, so I could do it right after HS. I would finish at 19, and could get a job!!!! It would be so PRACTICAL!!! No, I would LOVE IT!!!!! I have always loved hair, painting nails, and style, so this is so up my ally!!!! I hope this plan works out!!!
Finally: There is nothin' else happening in my life. School, school, school, school, and more school. Well, this song keeps me goin'!!!! Love it<3