Friday, June 22, 2012



Was the sound I heard when I opened my door on Monday June 18!!!! I had been at the grocery store with Gus. While on the way home, mom texted him and told him "not to come home". We had ice and ice cream in the back of the car with the heat beating down on it. I tried to argue with him, saying we couldn't do that, but he "I'm already in the doghouse, I might as well obey her." We were to meet Dad at the gas station. On the way to the gas station, we "didn't" have to go... I was a bit surprise but didn't think of it. We came home and Mom told me to go get Jacinta out of our room and as I opened the door there was about 15 of my girlfriends just standing there. I went pale white and some of them thought I was going to faint (thankfully I did not!). Even though I was still in shock mode the rest of the day, I was pleasantly surprise!!!!! :) We played many games, sports, opened gifts and had dessert!!!!! Here are some pictures: (we didn't get much of our games because we were having to much fun!!!) but anyway:

It was an AWESOME party!!!!!! <3 Ben and Mom put this together for me and I am very grateful to them!!!!! I was totally clueless of the whole thing and in the end made it all the more fun and SURPRISE!!!!! :)