Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Okay, from the last time I got on Google to now everything has completely changed!!! I do not understand!!! I was expecting to get on today and just simply write-up a new post but instead it was all different!!! It took me awhile to find out how you work this "new" way. I cannot stand the new design!!! They probably only changed it for my discomfort!!! Well, I shall get used to it!!! (hopefully!!! :P)


Well, I have not gotten on in months and months so... Lots have happened. 

For a week in March we went to Mississippi to visit some family!!! They live on the coast so we spent lots of time at the beach!!! Here are some photos:
Their excitement over finding a dead fish!!! :)

 Enjoying the water!!!

 Bernard loved the water and did not like leaving it!!!

Crabs!!! They were actually alive!!!! :D

 Along with playing in the beach, we celebrated two of our cousins birthdays!!!

The 16 year old!!! 
(They were not very happy with us girls making them get a picture!!! :P)

Girlie Birthday!!! Everything was very girlie!!!

Our cousins adorable baby!!! He was only a month old!!! :D


Middle of May, my brother graduated from college!!! It seems hard to believe that my oldest brother is already out in the world of grads!!! But Congratulations Dominick!!!! We are so proud of you!!!


Other thing, talk of getting a pool is growing!!! We have the design and now talking finically... Well, pray that this "dream", will not be a dream and come true!!! :) 

So, now I have finished and it is time to say good-bye!!!

Genevieve Donahue
"Texas is neither southern or western. Texas is Texas." Senator William Blakley