Monday, January 30, 2012

Day at the Park

This was Sunday January 22. I should have posted earlier but I did not have the time.

Jacinta and I went for an hour walk to the "park". It is a very old park and does not have many toys. We still had a wonderful time!!!!

Here are pics:

 Poor Jacinta! She was so far behind. 

 'The Wave'!!! It's fun if you have it full!!
Jacinta sitting at the top of the wave... Doesn't look like it but it is so.

We are actually both sitting on the 'Wave' but you can not see it.

 "I'm tired-out. NO more walking!"

 The 'Wave' was lots of fun! Anytime our family goes there we go on the 'Wave'.
We also have fun by going on the little yeller duck!!!

 She looks very happy. . . !!
I put my feet on and it went forward. But I just yanked it back and we both had fun on it!

Such beautiful weather in the Winter!!!! After the walk we came home and had homemade ice cream that we had both made!!!! We both enjoyed the walk and had a very sisterly time!!!!

~Genevieve D.