Thursday, December 29, 2011

Texas Donahue Style Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! 

We had a very AWESOME Christmas!!!

I got very wonderful gifts!! My favorite is my CAMERA!!! Here are pictures I took with it!!!!!! :)

Adorable Bernard!!

Aunt Grace and I this was the first picture I took on this camera!!! 

Dad and Mom

Marcellinus and Maximilian after Mass!

Jacinta and Cornelius after Mass!

Bernard: "I shoot the anger birds?"

Bernard playing baseball, his older brothers were helping him!

Dad and Bernard's angry birds!
Or as Bernard calls them "Anger Birds!"
Bernard kinda took both of them!! :)

Augustine is the worst person at getting pictures, but because he had surgery on the 15 of December for his ACL I got one!! Probably the best one in the last 5 years!! :)

Mom's fan!

Me with the fan!

Gorges ZelieLouisa

Cornelius, so handsome!

Dominick, my oldest brother, was unable to come home, so we got to Skype!

The table once I had finished setting it!

The older ones plate setting! 

The younger children's setting!

Jello's and salad SO YUMMY!!

The food! It was SO good!  

The meat!

The dining room!

The beautiful roses! 

The 12ft tall tree in the living room! 

Cowboy Santa!

Front door!

Cornelius as serious as can be!
Bernard was telling me something but I could not understand because he had a mouth full of food!

Aunt Grace at the table!

Benedict at the table!

Nathaniel at the table! (He was talking to Aunt Grace!) 

I think this picture is really cool! It's Benedict!

Bernard on his tricycle or as Bernard calls it 'cicyacal'!
A few years back we started this 'tradition' that after dinner on Christmas Day we would go down to the end of our driveway and sing carols to any car that passed by us! The below pictures were taken then:

The Outside decorations that Nathaniel seems to do every year!

Marcellinus: "Take one that makes me look like I'm cold?"
Genevieve(me): "I do not have to. You ARE cold!"

The view from our driveway that we would 'spy' to see if there is any cars coming!!

The Fireplace! (It kept us warm!)

Mom and Dad got us kids a Popcorn maker and an old fashioned Ice Cream maker!!
Guess what we have been eating since? ;)
Homemade ICE CREAM and POPCORN!!!

Jacinta making popcorn!

I wanted a close up picture of Bernard. . . I did get it!

Cornelius playing with ZelieLouisa's Hulu-Hoop!

Marcellinus playing with Jacinta or my Hulu-Hoop!