Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 12 - Our Lady Of Guadeloupe

Usually on Our Lady of Guadeloupe's feast we go out to St. William the Confessor Catholic Church, go to Holy Mass, then watch the Matachinez dance in honor of Our Lady and have Mexican Hot Chocolate (Abelata!). But since this year Motherdear and Benedict were not feeling to well we had our own fun! We went 'coyote hinting', scared each other, and ran around in the frozen tundra outside. Here are some pics of my siblings and I in the 'Travaling Hat!' (It's Max's! It just belongs to different people at different times!)

 Serious Me(Genevieve)

 Stern Cornelius. 

He insisted it was HIS hat!!! :D

 Cute, adorable, little chocolate face Bernard! <3 him<3

 Questioning Marcellinus.

 Before taking this picture I told Maximilian:
"Keep you eyes open and look serious."
"Okay!" You can see how well he listened!

 Little better- Keep it up Maximilian! :)

 No matter how hard she tried she could not look serious. I made her laugh by just looking at her with the camera! Well, at least her eyes are open! ;)

 Adorable ZelieLouisa! <3

 Yep, the King again! He is just to cute to not have tons of pictures of him!
<3 Bernard <3

 We had to let the hat rest awhile before more usage! ;)

 Sweetie ZelieLouisa <3

 Fall decorations! I love them! :D

 Texas Pride!


 Benedict is in the red shirt, Nathaniel is in the blue and Augustine is the boy in the back with the white shirt! (Cornelius is wearing one, too!) These three boys are not camera friendly. They never let us take pictures of them! Naughty boys! ;)

 Yep, it's Tennis! Our little Texan Tennis Player! 
(NOTE: Not sure if you can tell in all of the pics but she's wearing the Hat!)

 ZelieLouisa: "Take a picture of me with my purple tea?"
Genevieve(me): "Sure, just don't spill it!" . . .
Butterfly! I think it's pretty!

(: Enjoy my random post :)